The Cheeses

Photo by Candice Jacobus

Javier Salmon at the Farmers Market

All of Bodega and Yerba Santa Goat cheese has a fat content of 5.6 grams per ounce. The cheeses are made with small amounts of Celtic sea salt.

Queso fresco (fresh feta): This is a typical Peruvian fresh cheese. In the Cusco area it is eaten with corn and potatoes. It is similar to a feta, differing from the traditional process of aging in brine. It’s delicious crumbled over salads, mixed in with pasta, or sliced for sandwiches.

Queso Crema (Fromage Blanc): Is a creamy, tangy, spreadable goat cheese. It is made with a yogurt culture and can be used as an alternative for cream cheese and sour cream.

Queso Cabrero (manchego style): Is Bodega’s only raw milk product aged for 60-90 days. Cabrero is a semi-dry cheese with hints of nutty and grassy flavors. It is also available dipped in Javier’s homemade organic wine.

Natilla is a Peruvian style of caramel made with goat’s milk, brown sugar, and molasses. This is a used as a desert sauce on sour apples, strawberries, drizzled over ice cream, or combined with Queso fresco


Todos los quesos de cabra de Bodega y Yerba Santa tienen un contenido de grasa de 5,6 gramos por onza. Los quesos se hacen con pequeñas cantidades de sal del mar Céltico.
Queso fresco (feta fresca): Se trata de un queso fresco típico peruano. En la zona de Cusco se come con maíz y papas. Es similar a un queso feta, que difiere del proceso tradicional de envejecimiento en salmuera. Es delicioso ponerlo sobre ensaladas, mezclado con pasta, o en rodajas para sándwiches.
Queso Crema (queso blanco): Es un queso de cabra cremoso y picante para untar. Se hace con un yogur y se puede utilizar como una alternativa para el queso crema y crema agria.
Queso Cabrero (estilo manchego): Es un producto de leche cruda sólo de Bodega ¿? envejecido durante 60 a 90 días. Es un queso semi seco, con sabor de nuez y cubierto de hierba. También está disponible mojado en vino orgánico hecho en la casa de Javier.
Natilla es un caramelo de estilo peruano hecho con leche de cabra, azúcar moreno y melaza. Es utilizado como salsa para un postre de manzanas ácidas, fresas, rociados sobre el helado, o combinado con queso fresco

Daniel Salmon

Daniel Salmon

Yerba Santa Cheeses are made by Daniel Salmon

Fresh Chevre: This is a French style fresh spreadable cheese. It is crumbly with a light and tangy flavor. Fresh Chevre is delicious and versatile.

Chevito: Chevito is available as a pasteurized or raw milk cheese. To make Chevito, the cheese curd is ladled into round forms and allowed to press under its own weight. The resulting 14-16 ounce wheel has a crumbly texture. The flavor is tangy and slightly salty suggestive of feta. It is available plain or flavored with bell pepper and chive or jalapenos.

Shepherd’s Cheese (dry, aged, extra dry) : Shepherd’s Cheese is a creation of this farm and is our signature cheese. It is low moisture, hard aged cheese with a unique, rich, nutty flavor much like the best of Parmesan or dry jack. Shepherd’s Cheese is made from raw milk. The cheese curd is lightly salted, put into cloth bags, and pressed for 24 hours. The wheels are air dried to form a natural rind (no wax or plastic wrap). Aging for flavor development takes 6 to 12 months. The finish wheel weighs 4 to 5 pounds. Shepherd’s cheese is available occassionally with dried Sage and Nettle.

        Description of the goat cheeses Bodega:


– Sea salt

               – Chile serrano

        – Chives and Parsley


– Sea salt

– “herbes de provence”

        – Chives, Parsley and Pasilla Chile

Cabrero, 3 years aged:

– Raw milk

 – in wine

       Description of the goat cheeses Yerba Santa

Shepherd raw milk, 3 years aged:

  – Sea salt

  – Sage and nettle


  – Jalapeno

  – Sweet spices

  – Sea salt

   – Olives Kalamata


   – Italian weed

   – Basil

   – Fennel and Onion

   – Sea salt


        Descripción de los quesos de cabra Bodega:


– Sal de mar

– Chile serrano

– Albahaca

– Cebollín y Perejil


– Sal de mar

-“herbes de provence”

– Cebollín, Perejil  y Chile pasilla

Cabrero, añejado 3 meses:

– Leche cruda

-en vino

-Sal de mar

Descripción de los quesos de cabra Yerba Santa:

Shepherd leche cruda añejado 3 meses:

-Sal de mar

-Sage and Nettle



-Pimentón dulce

-Sal de mar

-Aceitunas Kalamata


-Hierbas italianas


-Hinojo y Cebolla

-Sal de mar


3 Responses to The Cheeses

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  2. Angel perdue says:

    Do you ship to sacramento ca? I purchased some cheese in Mendocino last month and I really loved it and I would like to order some if you ship it to Sacramento.

    • Hello Angel, it’s very hard to ship the cheese during the summer. We will have to do it next day air which is quite expensive. Give us a call and we can talk about it. 707 263 8131. Thank you.

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